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May 4, 2021

Taking Flight

It’s been a while! Again! But no matter, I can only do my best.

To be quite honest after a while of feeling guilty for not blethering on I forgot all about it. But it’s come back to bite me on the bum lately so I’m once more going to witter on about my attempts to live a creative life.

I’m not going to go back over the past weeks though, no time for that! I’m just going to pick up where I left off, and with another one of my little films.

I’ve called this one Taking Flight and it’s all about the energy at this time of year, traditionally known as Beltane. Films like this do take quite a while to pull together, days and days in the field followed by days in front of the old screen seeing what bits I’ve managed to get in focus.

Sometimes I can forget how magical it is to just be out there despite me rabbiting on about it all the time.

Life really can get in the way can’t it! These quiet times out in the woods seem to have helped me reset, although I do still stink of wild garlic, as does my van.

Things to watch for... the buzzards courting! They flippin’ blew me away. When the male swoops in from above and tries three times to touch his mate before finally touching pinions. Then how she looks over her shoulder at him and says ‘Follow this’, and then drops like a stone to the tree tops! Just wow!

And the dippers! I hope you keen to watch it now, all 11:30 of it.

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  1. Oh Jason,,this is sublimely beautiful…..a meditation for the heart and soul. So much work and love has gone into this….for me the most beautiful parts are those with birdsong background music… but the timing of the opening of the Peacock butterfly's wings and the music was not lost on me 😊
    I am mad for rain droplets on flowers and foliage… those Ransoms and Bluebells 💚 but my absolute favourites were the bee collecting from the Coltsfoot flowers and the marsh marigolds reflected upside down in the water…..gorgeous work. Thank you so much x

  2. Thanks, Jason. What a glorious immersion into a northern woodland at the very best time of the year ! This stage seems to last about a week and a bit – and then a thick canopy of darkening leaves changes everything. Your film catches the joy of all of it! Slow down Spring…you are disappearing too fast!

  3. Loved watching this Jason. Thank you for reminding us of the magic, beauty and energy that surrounds us.

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