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January 4, 2021

Time for an early start today

I always find that my most intense days of computer work are more productive after I’ve spent time having a quick wander in the local countryside. Even if I don’t catch any shots or even take a camera I usually get more done after some time out. It’s as if from that point on time stretches and I can fit more in before becoming fatigued, distracted or bothered.

So, today, in advance of a major session working on my Photoshop Layers module in the Real World Image Editing course I had a meander down by the lake under the gaze if a rising sun, invisible behind a veil of textured clouds.

After a busy weekend I was surprised to find no one about even though it was well past 8am.

Perhaps the ‘road closed due to ice’ sign put them off visiting Anglezarke. It was nowhere as near as bad as the hill from our cottage though.

At times like this I rely on my phone to catch any shots that jump out at me and then spend a minute or two processing them on location with the amazing Lightroom app. I’m nervous to admit this but sometimes I can get a more telling final image this way than with my ‘big’ camera and desktop Lightroom. It’s all just so fluid and the camera seems to deal very well with extremes of contrast surprisingly well.

That’s me done for today. Time for a brew and to see what’s the latest news from planet Boris!

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