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January 2, 2021

Today dawned with a sunny glisten of snow.

I hadn’t seen my youngest daughter Hannah properly for a while so had invited her to walk the moors with me before the crowds rose from the slumbering town and perfumed the land with the aromas of shower gel and toothpaste.

And, despite the gorgeous light, crisp snow and luminous landscapes I’d chosen not to take my camera with me. I think I just wanted to be fully present with her and gossip about her life in a ‘dad way’. She took lots of photos. Her phone was rarely in her pocket as she grabbed selfies with her old dad in the background and took backlit landscapes that resounded with my time worn advice to ‘clean the lens’ ‘shade the lens’! I must sound like a scratched record sometimes, maybe an old 78.

But we had a good walk and enjoyed crunched through the frost encrusted mud to the soundtrack of distant pheasant shooters.

One day I swear I will disable their crow traps.

It’s been a day of taking it quite easy, topped and tailed with walks, the second with Nicola over a local landscape from home. Haddock Fold is the ruin of a farmstead where my great grandmother was born and we dont’ often see it in the snow. This time I did take my Canon.The 90D. The light was fading so I knew I was pushing it as it doesn’t cope too well with high iso, maybe its a cropped sensor thing, but I’m not sure and not interested enough to google it.

Nickleton Brow was stuck with cars. The police woman who was doing her best to ease the congestion called them ‘mindless numpties’ for coming out in the snow down a ice laden lane and disturbing her from her Saturday ease.

We wandered for a couple of hours and I grabbed a few shots, my favourite of which was a snowy dark woodland which has more than a nod to the Lord of the Rings that Nicola and I will watch after tea this evening. Perhaps with a warming Emva Cream in hand. Am I showing my age or what!

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