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January 1, 2021

I'm still a sucker for sunsets

I know I should have grown out of this by now but despite my attempts to look the other way I’m still entranced by them, at least occasionally. And when I do look the other way I see there’s no escape as that sky’s full of unearthly colours too.

On our walk today we did what we call the Hempshaws loop, not the Half Hempshaws or the Reverse Hempshaws, no, we opted for the Full Hempshaws. Sounds a bit like a fight hold to me and sometimes I must admit Nicola has to wrestle me away from my Mac, the wood burner, my book, or all three to get me onto the moors! Big Daddy style, or perhaps more Giant Haystacks. However I digress and realise you’ll need to be of a certain age to know what the heck I’m on about, but it did colour the Saturday afternoons of my boyhood. Google it if you want to know more!

Today’s trip was in beautiful sun and I was glad I’d taken the 90D with me rather than my little lovely PenF. The sensor did a much better job of catching said sunset. In my defence dear reader, I did attempt to hide the coloured sky behind skeletal trees, as a way of covering up my addiction. And I processed it as a monochrome!

We even managed a bit of shepherding up on the tops.

We noticed a wandering, lonesome back sheep that had become separated from her family and took it upon ourselves to herd her back home, much to her chagrin. Then we realised we did the same thing to the same sheep a couple of weeks ago. Maybe she’s the real black sheep of the family or just prefers her own company.

So, sunset done, I congratulated myself on my ‘alternative’ view but have a sneaky suspicion that I’m not cured of sunset syndrome yet. And don’t get me started on waterfalls!

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