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February 1, 2021

Ah there you are!

Found you! My Muse can be an elusive lass, or so I think at times. But in truth it’s me that’s doing the hiding so it’s no wonder she can’t reach me to whisper sweet ideas into my ear.

I think it’s a side effect of this new lockdown that I’ve been suffering from. It’s wobbled me and took the wind out of my sails. But today I decided to do something about it and went for a wander in the dark after a busy day of keeping productive in front of my Mac.

I’m reading ‘How to do nothing’ at the moment and exploring the concept of prioritising play over production. And to be honest that’s when I get all my best ideas.

She comes to speak with me when I’m out on my own. For some folk it’s in the shower, others hear their Muse when doing the washing up. It seems that there’s magic in the mundane after all.

However, my Muse, she needs me to be out there, feeling life, getting wet, cold and achey. Tonight I’m walking a few miles in the blackness, through the edgy places of the woods, along quiet lanes, down that slope which spooks me and along the mist riven river.

And guess what! More ideas came than I can keep up with. I grabbed a few shots with my phone in the dark but this is the one which most speaks of my wander. It’s an ancient building which held the Sunday School that my gran used to attend as a little girl. Now a store for horse fodder I’m always pleased to see it’s squat shape looming at the top of the path that leads down into the underworld of Abbysinia valley.

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