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January 11, 2021

I see I've not blethered at all this weekend...

It’s been a case of head down and carry on, watching the snow melt, updating the website, planning my next video lessons and doing what I could to care for my elderly parents through these testing times.

Today too I’ve again huddled in front of my Mac and worked on my Lightroom catalogue.

Hey but guess what... I’ve done the first keywording and categorising edit of all my January images, that’s all Januarys from the past 20 years.

This does feel like quite an achievement and I’ve had the chance to revisit so many old shots, many of which deserve a second viewing.

I went for an 'exercise' walk with my eldest daughter too and spoke of my grandson's upcoming tenth birthday. He wants a new pair of wellies, bless him.

As I worked my way through the January images of the past decade I got to relive each of his birthdays, right from when he was handed to me as a bundle of creases, cries and funny hair right through his toddler years and on to his impending boyhood.

This journey reminded me just how important it is to keep these memories safe for future family enjoyment. My mum has a shoe box full of old pictures of me, my brother and our antics and it’s so much more special than a hard drive, disc or memory stick.

Get them shots out there, make something of them, give them that second, third and fourth life that’ll put smiles on the faces of family for years to come. We don’t half need that right now.

So, for today I’m sharing three precious shots of the young man.

How on earth did he go from a contemplative newborn, to a tree hugger and then a little ragamuffin who delights in throwing things at people.  🙂

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  1. Hi Jason, it was so lovely to see all your photos, they are beautiful! I'm very glad to see your grandson is a tree hugger!! I have been extremely busy with this and that recently, but I am going to make time for good things, like your bletherings!*! Thanks Jason

    1. Hi Veronica, yep it was great to see his connection and something we encourage with him! 🙂 So glad you are enjoying my Bletherings too.

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