Free Tutorials

14 Tips for Better Photos

This is a FREE mini course comprising of three videos that is aimed at those new to the craft.

In the lessons I explore quick tips, deeper learnings and how to stay inspired.

Winskill Thorn - shot with a nod to the style developed by Pep Ventosa.

This lesson will certainly not be everyone's cup of tea as it does involve a fair bit of processing to blend the exposures (I use Lightroom and Photoshop).

Any photographers interested in upping their game may find it of interest. Use the link below to access the free lesson along with the four videos.

Coming soon!

Early in 2024 I'll be launching my online course - The Roadmap to Creative Recovery which is designed to support photographers and creatives who use a camera during times of creative block.

Over numerous video lessons I share tips and techniques that I find invaluable as I work to maintain my mojo and connection to my Muse.