14 Tips for Better Photos

A Free Mini Course

This is a 'Mini Course' taken from my Creativity Beyond the Camera Club which I hope you enjoy.

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14 Tips for Better Photos

I created a short ebook on this topic several years ago and think it's now time to reconfigure this into something more accessible. So, here I give you the mini course version which is put together in a similar way to the lessons within the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club.

It's not a step by step approach, rather I designed this in such a way that you can implement any of the steps in any order to see the results.

Aimed at photographers working on the foundations of their craft the first video, above, outlines a few quick wins which have the potential to have an instant impact on your photography.

Going Deeper with the Technical Tips

Now the going gets a bit tougher as I explore the realm of camera settings, moving away from fully auto and the aspects of creative control that this unlocks. Not for everyone of course, but well worth dipping in to.

Getting Creative

In the final video of the three I discuss the quick and easy aspects of a creative approach that can really advance your skills in the craft. And I finish off with a quick intro to the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club.