Thank You

Thank you so much for joining me in the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club where there's a whole world of immersive and inspirational material awaiting you.

Much of it is video based with new content being added on a regular basis.

How to use the site


It's really quite straight forward and hopefully the site is arranged in such a way that it'll remain that way as more and more content is added.

At the very top of the site is the overarching menu with links to the Members Lounge, your Account Page and the Login / Logout button.

Each course and lesson will have a dedicated menu bar just above the content with links to the primary course categories and most of the lessons have a sidebar with a listing of all the lessons in that particular course.

At the top of the content of each lesson you'll also find a trail of breadcrumbs that you can use to travel back through the course structure.

Below each lesson is a 'next' 'previous' and 'back to course' link wherever these are relevant.

However if you ever get lost, or want a quick jump to a particular course the Members Lounge is where it's at and that's accessed in the very top menu bar from all locations in the site.

The Members Lounge

The Members Lounge is your portal or dashboard from where you'll be able to easily navigate your way around. There's a dedicated menu bar above the welcome message which you can use to skip around the Members Lounge, this menu will always sit at the top of your screen so it's never far away.

As part of the welcome message you will see either an image or a video message from me when I have something pertinent to share with you.

Below this you'll see a toggle section that instantly informs you of new content, news and announcements and what's planned for the near future. You can click on the 'new content' to be taken directly to the resource.

The next area, again purposely near the top so you don't have to hunt around too much, contains the main course material. The Creativity Beyond the Camera foundation course is top and centre as this is perhaps a good place to begin your journey.

How to approach The Creativity Beyond the Camera Foundation Courses

This is the core content of the site and offers you over a hundred videos held in structured modules and lessons and is based on my Six Triangles approach.

I suggest starting at the beginning and working your way though, especially if you're keen to master the technical stuff too. However you can of course skip down to the composition and lightcraft module, immerse in inspiration or explore your messaging or visual storytelling.

Content will be added to these Foundation Courses and new material will be listed in the 'New Content' toggle at the top of the Members Lounge.

Other Course Material

Below this you will find the 'Over My Shoulder' lessons and the Mini Courses which I'll be adding to on an ongoing basis. This is where you will find recordings of coaching calls and online demonstrations.

You'll be notified of new content as it's uploaded however you will also be able to browse the lessons and access them here.

Discounts and offers.

As time goes on it's my plan to attract discounts of suppliers and service providers and these will be added here ready for you to grab when you need. Also, as a member you will always be offered a discount on physical workshops and retreats, and online masterclasses and mentored sessions when these are on offer.

Dates and Resources

As I announce assignments and challenges I'll add the pertinent details here along with links to sources of inspiration such as exhibitions, shows both online and off and creatives who are worth checking out. If you're into competitions I add the details of a few select ones here. As a member you are invited to submit content for inclusion in these categories to help keep it lively and engaging.

Member News

What's going on in our community? This is the place to find out. Member wins, successes, shows and relevant announcements are to be found here so again, if you have something to share please do drop me an email and if it fits I'll include it here.

And of course there's a quick preview of current news in our private Facebook group and a link to join if you've not already done so. This is the place to share images, ask questions and to showcase the work  you do in reply to the assignments and challenges should you choose to participate.

Also, this is where to add images taken in response to the various lessons throughout the course. I will be dipping in here regularly too and commenting when I can, although it is very much a self sustaining community.

And finally...

there's a block of recent articles and galleries that I've added to my other sites which may be of interest to members.

All that remains for you to do now is to click the link in the menu bar above, or the button below and be taken directly to the Member's Lounge which will be  your access point for all things Creativity Beyond the Camera.